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Aroma Beads – The Secret to Relaxation and Comfort

Aroma therapy beads or aroma beads are multi-functional specialty air fresheners that provide a convenient, efficient, and high-quality solution to eliminating foul odors in compact spaces.
Aroma beads provide a safe alternative to candles, plug-ins and aerosols. There is no open flame and no need for spraying carcinogens into the air.
Customers can purchase one product that can be used in their homes, cars, and office to create a clean atmosphere without the use of candles, plug-ins and aerosols.
Aroma beads offer a long-lasting scent throw, which allows the fragrance to permeate by simply giving the beads a shake.
Aroma beads can be added to potpourri to create a lovely room scent blend.
Perfect for pet-owners, heavy duty work bags and vehicles.
Aroma beads are excellent personalized gifts for baby showers, weddings, graduations, corporate, marketing and other special events.
Aroma beads are easy to use.


Eco-Friendly and
Made in The Bahamas

Our products are made in The Bahamas, handcrafted locally with love. Using the raw aroma beads (specially formulated polymer), our team manually infuses them with our signature luxurious island scents, made with uncut fragrance oils.
We use a 100% eco-friendly manufacturing process with no electricity, batteries, or air pollutants involved. We vigorously shake the beads to ensure an even distribution of fragrance.

Sensory Therapy

Scents are magical in many different ways. Certain scents elicit memories that connect us to our past experiences. Smelling a fragrance can trigger a treasured memory, evoke positive thoughts, or stimulate feelings of tranquility and peace.
Our Bahamian-Infused scents connect our customers to their choice product in a special way. When a customer purchases a scent like Banana Bread, the scent takes the customer on an unforgettable journey into their grandmother’s kitchen, recalling the precious moments when they first learned how to prepare this aromatic sweet treat.
Scents relieve stress and trigger moods. This benefit is why it is so important to infuse a clean, relaxing and soothing aroma into your home, office and vehicle.