About Us

About LIS – Our Story

Keira’s love of scents, combined with her solution-focused, problem-solving approach to business led her to identify a market opportunity for Bahamian-Inspired specialty air fresheners. In 2014, Keira went door to door selling aromatherapy beads, potpourri, and refresher oils. Although she encountered success as a local saleswoman, she knew that the business could be more. After a thorough rebranding process in 2020, she is excited to introduce Luxury Island Scents, an authentically Bahamian brand.

Ms. Keira Cox


About the CEO - Keira Cox

Entrepreneur and Proprietor of LIS
Counsellor and Community Leader
Through our environmentally friendly aroma beads line, fragrance lovers can enjoy endless moments of zen; avoid the dangers of open flames from lighting a candle; reduce increasing electricity bills from the use of plugins; and be safeguarded from inhalation of strong aerosols.
Purchasing a Luxury Island Scent product helps to experience a deeper level of mindfulness and well-being.

Our Promise

Luxury Island Scents is committed to ensuring:

Quality in every product.
Consistency in production by handcrafting products.
All-around customer satisfaction through a seamless shopping experience.
Limitless customization opportunities that give each customer creative license to curate a special moment through scents.
Safe, simple and efficient fragrances that eliminate unwanted odors and foster mindfulness and well-being.