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  • Small plastic beads that can absorb up to 40% of their weight in fragrance or essential oils.
  • We use highly concentrated fragrance oils to ensure that we are providing fresh and long-lasting scents.
  • Customers can select from our signature Bahamian-Inspired Fragrance line, Aromatherapy Fragrance line, Standard Fragrance line and Seasonal Fragrance line.
  • Aroma beads are believed to produce a stronger scent in comparison to traditional potpourri and generally last from one to six weeks, depending on the fragrance and the environment. Extremely hot temperatures will cause the fragrance to fade more quickly.
  • Aroma beads should be stored away from direct sunlight.
  • Premium materials (i.e. prime resin aroma beads and uncut fragrance oils) are used in the production of our aroma beads.
  • Aroma beads are environmentally friendly, safe and convenient to use.
  • Aroma beads diffuse naturally, eliminating the need to use power.
  • Our standard packaging is organza sachets made from thin material that allow the fragrance to circulate.
  • Customized aroma beads can be made to order, giving customers the creative license to customize their fragrances and create their own unique blends.
  • Customers can modify colours to match current decor or themed events.
  • Additives including, dried flowers, natural herbs, seashells, glitter and other trinkets can also be included in customized orders.
  • We can also package aroma beads in standard jars with slotted lids, burlap bags, stand up pouches, and any other personalized packaging that allows the fragrance to permeate.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not remove the aroma beads from the sachet.
  • Do not place the aroma beads on raw surfaces, including but not limited to wood and plastic, as the fragrance may damage surfaces.
  • Do not place aroma beads inside of any appliances.
  • Do not place aroma beads in your bathtub.
  • If aroma beads must be removed from packaging, place on a non-porous glass or ceramic dish.
  • All air fresheners, including aroma beads, throw a scent via circulation of air.
  • The scent throw is what makes the scent permeate into the room.
  • Aroma beads provide a “cold throw” or release of fragrance at room temperature. Other air fresheners, such as candles and plug-ins provide a “hot throw.”
  • The aroma bead scent throw is also dependent upon where it is placed, and the potency of the fragrance used.
  • Aroma beads work best in open containers, organza sachets or similar thin material packaging.
  • You may not smell the aroma beads fragrance as strongly as you did when first purchased. Please note that the fragrance operates similar to perfume and you may become more accustomed to it over time.
  • To get a stronger scent throw, shake the bag or rotate the beads to help release more scent.
  • The standard packaging is an organza sachet, perfect for small compact spaces like dresser drawers, closets, handbags, gym bags, vehicles, small bathroom and office spaces.
  • The product is also ideal for special events and personalized gifts.
  • Monday – Friday : 9:30am – 4pm
  • Website Available 24h
  • Our standard packaging is an organza sachet with about 75 grams of aroma beads sealed in an exterior packaging for $8 per sachet (online price only).  There may be slight variation in product cost at our affiliate retailers.
  • Discount offered on bulk orders of 50 or more standard sachets.
  • It is perfect for small compact spaces like dresser drawers, closets, handbags, gym bags, small bathroom spaces and office spaces.

We can customize your fragrances, bead colours and packaging for special events or home decor. We can also infuse a creative flare with an array of additives.

  • Please use the Customization & Bulk Order Form for bulk orders of 50 or more sachets, or orders that involve customization (i.e. custom fragrance, colours, special packaging or additives). Event planners ordering on behalf of clients should also use this form.
  • All special/customized and large bulk orders should be placed a minimum of four weeks in advance; however, you may contact us directly to determine whether we can accommodate your order within a shorter time frame.
  • A Customized/Bulk Order quote will be provided within 2 business days after all details of your order are received. A 50% deposit is required to begin processing all Customized & Bulk Orders.
  • All orders will be processed within 2 business days. *Subject to available stock.
  • Customers will receive a fulfilment message once orders are available for curbside pick-up or delivery.
  • Credit/debit card payments are accepted. Bank wiring options are also available.
  • Rush orders will be an extra fee (please call/message us at 242-441-5436 to discuss time sensitivity so that we can better assist).
  • Outer-island and international shipping can be arranged.
  • All general inquiries can be emailed via our contact form.
  • If you need to alter an order after it is placed, please contact us by phone at your earliest convenience.

Refunds and Returns

Please check your order as soon as it is received. If we made an error in fulfilling your order, we would be happy to make the necessary adjustment.
Please ensure that your zip lock or exterior packaging remains fully sealed until you are ready to use the product.
Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to offer a refund.
Quality products are of utmost importance. If the product is not up to standard, we will gladly replace it.
To ensure customer satisfaction, we suggest purchasing smaller quantities of products in advance of larger bulk orders, as we are unable to accept returns based on customer preference.